Add_action after_submit

How to use the after_submit.
Cant find an example in the docs.

How to pass the field into the add_action?

add_action(‘bricksforge/pro_forms/after_submit’, function($form_data, $results) {
$debug_output = ob_get_clean();
echo $debug_output;

No help ?
Its really frustrating not to get any help, when there are no documentation.

if i just make it like:
add_action( ‘bricksforge/pro_forms/after_submit’, function( $form_data, $results ) {

it will not submit, so what shall i do, how to use this trigger ??

This is not working either… what shall i do ??

<?php add_action( 'bricksforge/pro_forms/after_submit', function( $form_data, $results ) { // Do something with the post field values. $form_fields = $form_data->get_fields(); $form_id = $form_fields['formId']; // $postId = $fields['postId']; // Check if the form id lmmnhb is the one you want if( $form_id !== 'lmmnhb' ) return; // form_title is the text field Id where I placed the $my_title = $form_fields['form-field-form_title']; //$my_key = isset( $form_fields['form-field-form_title'] ) ? $form_fields['form-field-form_title'] : ''; wp_mail( '', $my_title, 'A new post has been just submitted.' ); wp_safe_redirect( 'home' ); die; });