Add to cart (proform) 1.0.4

I think the add to cart action was fixed in 1.0.3 but is not working in 1.0.4 :cry::pray:

Found the real issue now. Fixed and included to your site :slight_smile: Please try and let me know if that solve the problem :slight_smile:

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I took a video, hope to help you understand the bugs😅
Sorry for my bad accent

Hey Mehdi! Thanks for your video. Will check the points in detail later in the day :+1:

Regarding the WC bug: are the products in stock and published? I’ve tried it in your site adding a brand new Pro Form instance and selecting one random product, and it has been added successfully to your cart :thinking: Could you recheck different products? And if the products are allowed to be added to the cart?

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The fix you have applied to my site, is working fine
In the add to cart action: first, i should set the quantity to 1 and second, i should turn on the “Is total price” Then the add to cart is working.

But on other websites still doesn’t work

Fixed in 1.0.5. Will deploy this new version soon :slight_smile:

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