Allow Variables in Backend Designer

Hi Daniele,

Really excited about the Backend Designer and the ability to create customized back ends and login pages for clients.

However, I only want to do it once on my WordPress template site and then have it automatically customized for each client on their individual WP install based on their settings.

For me to do this I would need you allow the input of my CSS variables from ACSS (where my color scheme variables reside) and dynamic data out of Meta Box (where I put the logos, address, phone, etc.).

At least I think that’s necessary. Let me know if this can be done some other way that I’m missing.

I also added this to the Roadmap under " Allow Variable Usage in Backend Designer" although I didn’t mention the Meta Box dynamic data there.

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Okay, so the variables work!!!

The only problem I’m experiencing is that my ACSS variables don’t seem to be working. Does anyone know how those work? Why won’t my ACSS variables apply? Maybe because the stylesheets aren’t loaded on the backend? Is that right? Any coaching on how to make that happen anyone?

Hey @Revere,

exactly! Your ACSS variables seems not to load in the backend.

An ACSS user posted this few days ago in our Facebook Group:

This is a way to load the CSS file with all of your ACSS variables also in the WordPress backend :slight_smile:

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Works like a charm!

If you search and find this folks, you’ll also need add the snippet again to make it runs on the Login Page if you want to theme your login page:

Just go Custom > Location > Is Login (if you have WP Codebox like the FB user and I do.)

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Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Just doing my part for the community!

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