Animation - Motion Path - Not expected results

This will no doubt be operator error, but I cannot get the motion path animation to work on a button.

All the animation settings for the button element seem correct, and it moves as requested when clicked in the Bricks editor, but not on a live test page. The button sits in the centre of the page??

I have turned off all of the plugins, but still no joy. Any suggestions?

Hi! Thanks for reporting this!

Your settings should be fine. So you say that it works in the builder, but not on the frontend? Interesting! Could you check your console for error messages?

Complianz plugin is showing as I hav turned plugins back on after testing with them off.

I have added an image and put that on a motion path to activate on hover, but that one is not working. Same as the first one.

Ohh ohh. That should not happen! Does all other animation methods working for you? (To, From, FromTo)? And: could you try to deactivate the mega menu in your Bricksforge Extensions page and try again?

I will take a deeper look tomorrow. Late here in Germany. Good night :yawning_face:

No probs. I will turn the Mega Menu off and report back.

Late here in UK .

Catch up with you tomorrow.

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All extensions turned off (apart from animation)
To, From, FromTo added to image elements and not working.
Catch up later today. You can have WordPress admin access if you want as it is a test site. :slightly_smiling_face:

Strange. The entire animation mechanism seems not to work for your environment. Website access would be very helpful, yes! I will take a look tomorrow. Thanks in advance!

… and good night :slight_smile:

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You should have an email for admin login :slightly_smiling_face:

Page is called “Test”

No need to bother looking at it.
Too many options to weed through. I’ll do a rebuild.
When I do I’ll install BF as one of the first plugins and then see where the compatability issues come in.

That would be amazing. If not works, please send me the new login data. Sorry, I did not have the time today to take a look :unamused:

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