Assorted bugs (Version 0.9.2)


  • When entering the license, the green notification looks like a button. On the other hand, the red text to disable doesn’t look like a button


  • When creating a popup, there seams to be a default delay before the popup opens.
    Click → Delay → Opens
  • The popup trigger element (nestable) is missing the click hand icon on hover
  • The Popup hasn’t got a background-color even though it is set to rgb(0,0,0,1)

I’ll add more when I come across them in the build process.

Follow-Up on the Popup delay:

Okay, it seems like when clicking on a popup the content of the popup is only then fetched from the server. Giving the animation a delay until the server round trip is complete. If that is indeed the case, can’t we have the HTML ready the moment we first render the page? or if this is done for performance than at least an option to disable the server request and have it in the DOM, but hidden. I wanted to use the Popup to build a full page menu, but that proves to be difficult at the moment given the delay. Also, the popup closing nestable element works with event bubbling. That is fine until you have links inside. Background for putting links in the popup trigger (close) is, I want the popup to close on click (anywhere), but not when a user clicks a link. That would either mean that I would need to stop the action tied to the Popup trigger (close) nestable element, by giving the links a special class to avoid the bubbling event to be triggered (cancel bubbling) or one could modify the Popup trigger nestable element to have a third option to stop propagation.

I might be stuck in implementation details and thinking wrong about this, or it is just not recommended to use the popup for a full-page menu, but I thought it kind of lends itself to such a task (in theory) and went for it. Feedback is welcome.

I also thought about trying to implement a full page menu using the events, by assigning a class or removing it to display a full page menu or not. I will try to test that next.

BricksForge Panel/Extensions:

  • bricksforge-panel-js-extra is loading all the BricksForge classes, even if I deleted them all and pressed “Save & Generate Global Classes”. In my opinion, BricksForge classes should have the same possibilities as custom user global class additions. Namely, to be deleted when not wanted. They can be enabled by default as a suggestion, though.

  • I have disabled the popup extension. Looking at the code the page still seams to be loading the JavaScript for the popups (bricksforge-popups-js)?

  • I am currently using the BricksForge Events and adding and removing a class called fwh-show-full-page. Adding it works and removing it doesn’t (are you trimming white spaces etc. to make sure they are not interferring?)… here are the settings:

I have a button with the open-menu class assigned and it triggers and assigns the class.

I have a button with the close-menu class assigned and it triggers (I can see the event in the console) but it doesn’t remove the class!

  • I was playing around with the page-load event and that doesn’t require a trigger in my opinion. The console does complain: "bricksforge_panel.js?ver=1667831333:1 You try to use the Bricksforge Panel, but there are some informations missing. This warning appears for the instance: Hide Menu".
    • I can work around this by selecting some arbitrary trigger (although the event is page load). I used html as an trigger element for the page load.
    • Maybe it would make more sense in events if the order was changed: first Event, then Trigger and the trigger column should only be accessible for events that actually need a trigger!
    • Hiding on page load isn’t really great as we have a content flash. We would also need an event to hide stuff before the DOM is displayed (DOMContentLoaded?).

I made it work by using html and all sibilings, even though a Page Load shouldn’t need a trigger in my opinion. Only a Target.


  • I added a global class “hideFullPageMenu” with prefix “fwh” → .fwh-hideFullPageMenu.
    I have generated it, but not assigned it anywhere in the Bricks interface. It seems like it isn’t available for JavaScript or Events in that case? Should such a class rather be added to the regular Bricks additional CSS?
  • When I switch to classes generated by Bricks using addition CSS, it works. So, it might be something that needs to change, or the user needs to be informed about.

Unfortunately, I will have to disable BricksForge for my current build and do hand coding using WPCodeBox. I am still very excited about the upcoming versions, and it was fun to use, but it doesn’t seam to be totally production ready (at least for me). That is to be expected for a <1.0 version, and I will keep revisiting it for future builds. I am still very much excited, and the features are spectacular, just need some quirk ironing and battle testing in actual builds. Unfortunately, for my current build I am pressed for time and can wait for the turnaround. Hope the above feedback helps, though!

Hi Max! First, thank you for taking the time to list all of this. I will go into it little by little. Some things have already been fixed. Other things I could not reproduce and work in my tests. As you said yourself, the < 1.0 version can’t be perfect yet. But still, my standard is that you can already use it in production sites by without encountering major bugs. I’ll get back to you soon :slight_smile: