.brf-reset-transition disables Brick's built in transitions?

If a button has a GSAP transition, then we have to use an event within the BF Panel to add a hover transition? The native Bricks CSS transition won’t work? Bug or intended?

Intended. CSS Transitions and GSAP are not liking each other. As reference, see also a post from “GreenSock” itself to understand the conflict:

Therefore, to not force you to remove transitions to every element you’re running gsap animations manually, we remove the transition for you using the .brf-reset-transition class. If you anyway want to add a transition to the element and have no conflicts with it, you always can overwrite it with !important.

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Gotchat, thanks!

I did try the !important route and didn’t seem to get it to work. But no prob, the events route is fine.

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