Bricks structure panel

I dont know what setting affects the Bricks Structure panel. The background is white and it looks weird :) The names of the elements still look ok, but the white bg is confusing at least for me. Also: there isnt any closing icon for the Bricksforge settings panel. You have to move to Wp panel to close it. Maybe it is useful to have a closing icon.

Hey! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…Bricksforge should not have any effect of your Bricks Structure panel, except you setup a custom Bricks Builder Theme via “Customizer”. Are you sure that this is caused by Bricksforge? :slight_smile:

Regarding your second question: the “Bricksforge Settings Panel” is not a popup. It’s a normal page which folds the WP menu to have more space. To deactivate this behavior, you can activate the following setting:

This will enable the WordPress area and you can just navigate to the other menu items :slight_smile:

Hi, Daniele. Problem was solved. Thank you.

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