Bricksforge Panel doesn't work. No contrast between background and text color

I don’t know whats wrong but as you can see in the attached screenshot, there’s an issue with the colors in the bricksforge panel and I have not found a setting to change it. Help is greatly appreciated for I cannot work with the panel being in that state.
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Hi! Please try do deactivate other plugins and try again. Seems that there is a plugin which adds CSS styles to the builder page. Otherwise, send me access and I will find the causer :wink:

Actually it’s happening when i change the builder mode in the brick settings (tab Builder). I use light mode. It works with dark mode. Please add options in bricksforge to change colors accordingly.

Ahhhhhh. Understand!! For the background, we are using the Bricks color variable. I will fix this in the next version. If you want, send me access to your website. I’ll create a workaround for you :slight_smile:

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Now, that I know the reason, I get along with it so far! It’s ok if you ship it with the next release! Thank you for looking into it!

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