Bricksforge panel GSAP animations based on global classes


I have 2 blocks with headings:

I would like to animate the heading when there is a mouseover the div that contains the image (both the image and the heading are in that div). I would like to use global classes as selector, so that I only have to specify one animation and it will occur for all the elements having this class.

When I build everything under the “Event” tab, I manage to get the text each box animate separately. However, when I change the action to “GSAP Timeline”, both headings are animating at the same time. How can I specify that only the heading within a specific box (div) animates while still using global classes? This is how I set up my Timeline:



Hey Philipp! :slight_smile:

You can completely ignore the “Events” tab here. Just use a timeline, check “Handle triggers separately” and choose “Hover” as trigger :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniele. It is far easier than what I was trying to do… :wink:

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