Bugs in "show summary" feature of multi step

When using “Show summary” in multi step there are some bugs produced:

  1. For checkbox field only the first selected item is listed
  2. For selection field with options given as value|label, the value is listed instead of label
  3. For file upload only the last added file is listed
  4. For password field it is listed without masking (in my opinion there should be a setting in the “Multi step summary” tab to either: a) show password without masking b) show password with masking c) not include password in summary)
  5. Rich text is missing

Additionaly, I would only state the file name without the path as currently it is shown as for example “C:\fakepath\filename.txt” and I guess that the “fakepath” isn’t a localized string so it might confuse some users.

Thanks very much! Everything fixed locally. Will be included to the next release :slight_smile:

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