Creating a custom page for submissions

I want to use bricksforge pro forms to simulate the functionality of a simple reservations system. I created a reservation form and able to collect submissions with a hidden “Status” field set by default to “Pending”. Next, I want to create a customl-designed page to display form submissions, and build in extra functionality into the page to allow the admin to select submissions and click either on “Approve”, or “Decline”, which each would send a different email to the form submiter’s email, and change the status accordingly to one of these two options.

I was thinking to create a new page in bricks, and somehow create listings and loops for submissions, then add in the extra functionality with another “Pro Form” for emailing and changing the status.

Is there a way to dynamically display a loop of form submissions and fields using bricksbuilder? some custom code or query?
Would you rather create a CPT called “Requests”, and create a listing page with the functionality for the CPT instead of the actual submissions?

Would love to hear your input and advise, thanks

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