Custom Fields in emails

Hi @Daniele .

not sure if its a feature request. i am setting up woocommerce emails to go. in an order email, i need to be able to pull a custom field i have created when orders are made (_lead_time) and (estimated_delivery_time).

function get_lead_time($order_id = null)
    $time = "0";

    if (!isset($order_id)) {
        //we try to get order nubmer, with help of Bricks
        $order = try_get_order();
        $order_id = $order ? $order->get_order_number() : "";

    if (isset($order_id)) {
        $time = get_post_meta($order_id, "_lead_time", true);

    if(!isset($time) || $time == '') $time = "0";

    return $time;

function get_estimated_delivery_time($default = '45 minutes'){
    $current_delivery_time = get_option('estimated_delivery_time', $default );

    return $current_delivery_time;

would this be possible with the email designer please? would help pull order details and have that lead time to help with delivery


if i use dynamic tag and insert

it kills off every other field. im assuming i dont know what to use. in bricks, i can get the value im looking for