Error opening pages and posts

When I activate Bricksforge I cannot longer acces to pages and posts (I don’t know if I can acces to CPT, but probably neither)
I seen that the incompatibility is with the plugin oxyprops.
I_ think it’s fair to report it to you.

If you want acces, you can ask without a problem

Hi Marco,

thanks very much for reporting this! Hmm… I’ve never used Oxyprops, so I don’t know what’s happening there and why you have the weird issue not being able to access pages and posts.

I would be very happy about access to check it! Thanks :slight_smile:

You have it in a private message

I cam confirm an incompatibility with the plugin “OxyProps”. When the setting “Add BricksProps Elements to the buidler” is activated, there is a fatal error when opening pages. I’ll take a deeper look into this and add a compatibility fix. :slight_smile:


Yes I have the same problem with Oxyprops and then adding bricksforge I get the white screen.

Hi guys,

I’ve found the problem and wrote a message to the Oxyprops developer. For the version 0.9.1, I’ve created a workaround which fixes the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it!

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Thank you!
Happy that you toke out v0.9.1

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Hi @Daniele ,
In version 0.9.1 when bricksprops is active the bricksforge panel is not opening.

It’s opening for me with both plug-ins

I have installed bricksprops 1.4.6 and bricksforge 0.91.
I deactivated bricksprops all options and bricksforge panel only opens if I deactivate bricksprops elements in the builder.

Hi Sharif, thank you for reporting this. Well. The developer of Oxyprops is not reacting to my messages. But the general problem should be fixed with 0.9.1. Could you provide me access to your installation? Would be great to take a look what’s happening there :slight_smile:

Sure @Daniele,
Please kindly check support email.

I have the same problem:
Working with BricksForge 0.9.1 and BricksProps 1.4.6. Bricksforge Panel doesn’t load if I have both activated, but if I deactivate BricksProps, it works.

I’ve reported it to Bricksprops’ dev

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I can reproduce the error. OxyProps is overwriting some stuff, also there are some styles which are manipulated by OxyProps for the panel, but for the version 0.9.2, it will also be possible to open and use the Panel while using OxyProps :slight_smile: