Expose generated animation/event code

Just watched the video for the global animations… Well played!

It got me thinking though…
As a mostly amateur coder, I like to see the code I’m interacting with, and then modify it myself.

The events+gsap gui makes triggering animations very easy, but is limited to what you can add to the panel. If we could see and edit the code that the panel is outputting, then we could access gsap functions that haven’t yet been added to the panel, as well as add our own customisations to the events.

I understand this may be pushing into developer-centric realms that BricksForge may not want to go, but if this is possible, then a tiny red *developers button to expose the code would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Bricksforge is coming along beautifully! :relaxed:


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I will date myself, but it is true. As a young adult I used Microsoft Frontpage 1.0 for a short while (with Netscape 3) and learned a lot from switching back and forth from visual to code mode. That said… if there where such a thing as a code view in BricksForge animations it could only be read only. Giving you a feel of the code produced. Then one could decide to enable code editing on a particular animation, but that would disable the visual interface apart from the name and maybe event column (for that particular animation) offering you to edit it manually at your own risk. A revert option would be possible, but return you to the last point you edited in visual mode (with an prompt asking if you are sure) as mapping back custom arbitrary code would not be easily possible (in my opinion). As Bricks is aimed at beginners and also developers I think this would be an welcome addition as it hides the complexity with the simple column based interface, educate curious users on actual GSAP syntax and allow devs to go as deep as they want down the rabbit hole.

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It’s okay, Max! I still remember Netscape! They had it in my primary school :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I definitely wasn’t hoping for changes to be reflected in the panel, but would love to be able to decouple some generated code from the panel. I don’t envy the job of developing the UI for that, though.

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