Extend calculation field with formatting options

Currently the calculation field allows to change the value formatting in two ways:

  1. Rounding to the whole number (via Round Value setting).
  2. Formatting as currency withs thousand separator and two decimal places like 1,234.56 (via Currency Format).

It would be helpful if this was extended in a way that allows:

  1. defining thousands separator as a specific character
  2. defining decimal places separator as a specific character
  3. rounding to any number of decimal places

Personally, I care about 1. and 2. because I need them to properly display my country’s currency. For these I see two ways to aproach them:

  1. Dropdown with predefined formats to choose from (there are not many of these so it might be faster to implement)
  2. Two separate settings with input fields (more work but gives more flexibility to users)

I guess that another extension that people might want to see is the currency sign and its placement in terms of formatting this gives a lot of possible format so it would be easier to simply add “prefix” and “suffix” input fields.

So I would personaly implement it as more separate settings with inputs.