Few things for animation panel

  1. Don`t let us to erase {} in animation object field
    If I understood well how works the animation panel, we have to add the properties in tthe “animation Object” field, but the {} symbols have to be there to work.
    Would be nice if that symbols are added automatically by bricksforge.
    This field could be empty and will be better for UX prouposse

  2. Rename “Animation Object” to “CSS property”
    Perssonaly (not native english us you can read) “animation object” it’s a litlte bit confusing.
    Something mor concrete like “CSS property” it’s more clear for me.
    What do you think?

Hi Marco! Thanks for your input!

The Animation Object does not expect CSS properties. Gsap needs a JavaScript Object here. That’s why “Object” is the correct name and “CSS Property” would be wrong here. See also here (Reference for “To”: Docs - GreenSock)

But to not confuse, I could add a tooltip here which explains what’s needed.

But: I like the idea to not allow to delete the brackets :wink: Thanks.

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I see. And that explain few other things :wink:
Would be nice a tooltip explain for people…
About the brackets (and because they are part of this kind of property) I think that if you can not allow us to erase but we can see it the same will be nice, too.

Thank You!

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Agreed! :slight_smile:

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