Font change on frontend

Hi, i’m using a font (work sans) on a site.
In the backend i see the correct font, int he front end i don’t see the right font, buti if i deactivate Bricksforge i see on the frontend the right font. why?


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Thanks Davide


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USER: zm7ltd
PSWD: .yGAYutkC6dqI[e5

Hmmm…strange behavior! I see many “custom_font” entries in your Pro Forms Typography configuration:

Also, the browser is trying to request Google Fonts, but get a 400 error back:

This is the reason why it works when you deactivate Bricksforge. The Pro Forms element with the broken config will be removed.

Tried to reproduce it on my side. Works fine here using custom fonts and google fonts as well. Could you try to clean up the typography configuration and let me know if that solves the problem?

Thanks Daniele, i had two Pro Form and i removed the old one and i keept the new one, but still gave me the same error, on the browser console the bad request that you show me.
Where i can clean up the typography config?

Hi Daniele, so i found the issue, i made again the form zero and i found this.
Everything works fine till i add the font Work Sans (that i use without any problem in all the site) here:
Pro Form > Content > Fields > Placeholder Typography.
Here if i use Work Sans font it happends the problem that i show you and i can’t go back, so it seems that i keeps on memory this font also if i add another font like Roboto instead of Work Sans, and i have to make again from zero the form.
So in this case here (Pro Form > Content > Fields > Placeholder Typography) i use another font, all the others typo configuration of this pro form i can use Works Sans font without problem.
It is normal?

Thats really strange :slight_smile: Could you send me the font files? Will try to reproduce it locally.

It’s a google font Work Sans (already in the font list of Typo)

Always in this site scrolltrigger doesn’t work, i try to make a really simple animation of a text here:
The text orange the big one over a black and white image (TAXI BOAT TOURS LAKE COMO)
The animation start alone like on page load.
Maybe i set wrong something but it seems to be all ok.