Is there a mega menu solution included in Bricksforge or not?

I’ve read one other post here about where to find mega menu documentation, but even after reading that i can still not deduce wether BF comes with a Mega Menu “Element”? I read the notice that the WP-Monkey version is no longer supported, but on the BF website i can’t find anything about the ability to build mega menu’s with BF. Ideally i’d need to know:

  • does BF include a solution (template or element) allowing me to build a mega menu?
  • is there a demo or showcase somewhere where i can see that mega menu in action? (the BF version of it, not the wp-monkey version)
  • is there a tutorial or how-to available that would show me how to proceed?
    A little guidance for this noobie would be much appreciated. :blush:
    Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:

The Mega Menu which you know as the free version has been optimized and included into Bricksforge. So you can follow the instructions in this video to setup the menu:

OK thank you Daniele. But bare with me, i have not used BF yet, so i’m still trying to understand: When you say it was inclused into BF, HOW was it included? I mean, is “Mega Menu” now like an additional element in Bricks? Together with the few other new elements that come with BF?

The mega menu is included in exact the same way like the free version, but with more possibilities and maintained code which works with latest Bricks versions. If needed, you can activate it as extension:

Feel free to trying it out for free. You can test Bricksforge for 7 days if you don’t own it: