Lenis Smooth Scroller - How to change directions?

In the settings for the Lenis Smooth Scroller feature, there’s an option to switch between horizontal and vertical scrolling, but what if I use both in different parts/pages of a site?

If I have an image gallery on a page and the container is set to flex: row; so the images extend off to the right side. Scrolling the mouse wheel scrolls the page horizontally. Then on a mobile breakpoint, I set the gallery container to flex: column; so now the page scrolls vertically.

Is it possible to label sections or pages as either horizontal or vertical for Lenis? (to be clear I’m not asking for it to change the scroll direction on the page like in the GSAP horizontal scroll question, just change the direction it’s listening) I tried reading their documentation but it just says that both horizontal and vertical are options, but has no information about how to use them. I’m guessing their docs assume I know Javascript, but I don’t.