Motion path 'trail'

Love the motion path feature!
Would be really cool if I could add a stroke to the path that has already been travelled.
For example, for a travel agency, a plane icon could have a dashed path fill in behind it, as though tracing along a map.

In general, it can be done with dash array and dash offset and getPositionOnPath and getLength and with some math.

I sometimes also set path length to 100 making it a fixed value (possible with JS and/or CSS) as it makes math easier as it maps to percentages and doesn’t vary when the shape (hence, length) of the path changes.

As mentioned, you can set path length with CSS and also assign a dash array that way, this is how I would usually approach it, without a tool like BricksForge. If this works in BricksForge is obviously not tested. Although, the panel allows animation on any property, so one could in theory animate dash offset already (once 0.9.3 hits) and give this approach a try.

Having it as a checkbox would be nice, though.

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Thanks for the headsup :slight_smile:

There’s some stuff for me to learn there, so being shown the right direction is appreciated.
I’ve been enjoying your contributions to the forum, Max!