Multi Step Form Error Indicators

If this is already somehow possible, I’d appreciate any pointers in the right direction. Anyways, here are 2 things I’d love to see for multi step forms.

  1. Currently, when making the steps clickable (using the steps module) I can click on any step, no matter what. It would be great if we can only click on steps if the previous steps (if they have required fields) are filled out.

  2. Given the situation described in 1., if I go straight to the last step and hit the submit button, I get the field errors in the console, however nothing is shown to the user. Maybe we could add a notice showing the names of the steps that have errors and / or show an error icon next to the step titles.

Haven’t had a coffee yet so hope I explained myself clearly haha, if not I can provide some more info with screenshots another day.

Good catch! Will add some improvements for this after releasing 1.0. Release of 0.9.9 will be next week :slight_smile:

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