Nestable Pro Forms - Display Content based on Field input

Hi there,

i build a form with Nestable Pro Forms. The setup is, that I have in the first step a radio buttion, based on the choise, in step two are fields shown or not shown. This works good. My problem is, since in there is no element for Heading, Image and so on, how can I show normal elements based on a chosen field?

In the normal Pro Forms, there are conditions for that. I thought I could use “Options Group”, but I think they are for selection.
Is there a way to wrap element (like Heading or Image) into a form element to get the conditions work?
Or could I jump to a specitic step? So option 1 → step1, option 2 → step 2, and so on?

May be I missed something. If i don’t miss anything, a wrapper with the condition settings would be great.

I am very thankful for any help on this.

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Good point! I could add a “Field Wrapper” element – and everything inside this field wrapper can react to form conditions added to this new element.


That would be very cool. Hope this is a very easy implementation… :nerd_face: