Nestable Pro Forms - SendGrid

The SendGrid connection currently isnt connecting. There seem to be 2 bugs:

1.) It does display and allow you to select the list(s), but upon submitting the form, it does not add the contact to the list in SendGrid.

2.) You cannot select the fields from the dropdown. It wont open upon clicking. The email, first & last name fields.

Hey :slight_smile: There are some confirmed issues with Sendgrid and Mailchimp actions since the latest Bricks versions. I am completely refactoring the native actions. This will give us much more flexibility. Also, this will fix this issue.

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Hey Daniele. Has this been fixed?

Hey! :blush:

It seems that it hasn’t been fixed.

I am facing the same issue, but instead of using Sendgrid, I am using MailChimp.

In a Nestable Pro Form it is impossible to use MailChimp as an action after submit, because it is not possible to map the form fields with MailChimp fields such as Email field (which is mandatory), First name, Last name…

The dropdown doesn’t open! Neither have the possibility to write the field ID:

Any news on this, @Daniele ?

Fixed locally and will deployed today :slight_smile:

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