New Multistep Form in v0.96 request

The multi-step form is cool and very appreciated. The best part is the announced form recap/preview at the end of form submission. This is powerful and opens many opportunities. Thanks for that!

I would like to suggest taking this one or two more steps further and include an option to auto create a pdf from that recap and mail it out to a selected email address and/or store it onto a directory on the website where it can be linked to and displayed on a users (secure would be awesome) dashboard. Actually all of the files could be listed as a query output onto a single page with links for secure viewing,

Additionally, if a signature panel could be added to the form, and that captured and output into the pdf, can you imagine the possibilities there?

We could have contracts, waivers, agreements etc. that could be filled out in a form, signed and submitted.

This could be very powerful.

Please vote this up if you think you might use such a form feature!


Hi Chris! :slight_smile: Could you submit your ideas here? Roadmap – Bricksforge – The Bricks Tools that feel native This would be the right place for user voting :wink:

Thanks very much for your thoughts!