Playground not working / confirmation emails never arrive

Hi Team Bricksforge,
We would like to test Bricksforge on the playground, but the confirmation email/s are not arriving! Yes, we checked in Spam folder and tried two different email IDs.

Can you please fix it. Want to purchase ASAP if our test is successful.

Tried to create a ticket via the website form, but there too a confirmation email was not received either.

Signed up on the forum just to be able to reach out to you .

Kind regards.

I noticed that emails have problems to be delivered to gmail accounts. Do you also use gmail?

Yes, we tried two different gmail accounts. Confirmation emails for the playground setup never arrived in gmail accounts, not even in spam.

However, confirmation email for the playground arrived just fine in my email/domain hosted by hostslim_nl. - Checked your domain reputation? Spamhaus etc?

Also, all forum email/s arrive fine in gmail.

Viele Grüße aus Tbilisi.