Populating Edit Form with Post Data from URL ID

I have added a button on a card that, when clicked, goes to https://example.org/edit-listing?id=269. This URL is the edit listing page, which contains a form with all the fields for the custom post type.

I want to pre-populate the form fields with the contents of the post whose ID is referenced in the URL. I’ve reviewed the documentation but couldn’t find any mention of how to do this pre-population. Has anyone been able to successfully do this? How did you go about it? Thanks for helping

You could take a look here: Dynamic Data Tags – Bricksforge Docs

With Bricksforge Dynamic Data, you have an optional parameter to pass the Post ID. To populate your field with the title of the post ID of your url param, just do something like this: {brf_post_title:{url_parameter:id}}

That was very helpful, but ACF fields such as the gallery field and map field just return “Array” as the field value. I am utilizing a text field for the map field and the media field for the gallery field. I also noticed that when creating a new post, no data is set for the map field, although the gallery field works as expected.

Has anyone faced similar issues? How did you solve it? Thanks

I’ve got all working except populating data from an ACF image field. Any ideas?