Pro Form: Condition based Email


I would like to send Form submission Emails to different admin addresses based on a multiple choice field.

For example: If the customer choose checkbox A, the submission email will be send to email address 123.

Is that possible with Bricksforge? If yes, how? :slight_smile:

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Felix K.

I figured out a solution on my own.

By using " | " in the options of a Select field you are able to store information (in this example: email address) while hiding it on the front end.

Select field > options|Option A

Everything before " | " will be hidden on the front end.

Then insert the ID of the select field into Email > Send to custom email address in the following format {{xxxxx}} and you’re good to go.

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Just a notice. It will be hidden on the front end but not inside the html DOM. If someone inspects the html code he will see the emails.

Thank you for pointing that out @Moultrex :slight_smile:

Do you know a solution to this? Or maybe even a better workaround?