Pro form - create post - ACF/Pods custom fields does not work for me


I have created pro form with action “Create new post” - it contains post title, link and image.
When I submit the form, post is created, but custom fields are empty - whatever i try, always works just post title and post content. (I tried acf, pods, native featured image, but result is the same).

Am I missing something?

I’d be glad for any help.

Hi there :slight_smile:

{acf odkaz_tisk} is not the name of the custom field. You are using Dynamic Data here. In your case, I think just odkaz_tisk should work.

Could you try and let me know?

Thank you very much - odkaz_tisk is working.

But I still can´t upload image to custom field logo - I have created action mail for check- after form submitting I recieved mail with content and with image, but nothing is uploaded in custom field.

Is there something I should do, to make it work?

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Using images received from file upload cannot be saved (yet) as Custom Field. You can use them for setting the Featured Image using the “Update Post” action.

The ability to automatically upload file inputs to the Media Library and save them to a Custom Field will be included in the next updates :slight_smile:

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OK, thank you very much for your help and quick reply. And also for your hard work on the plugin - bricksforge is great. :slight_smile:

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