[Pro Forms] Bug in Data Table after Create Submission

Data table does not show fields with the same label name, even though the fields have different IDs.

In this video, I have a form with two different text input fields, both with different IDs: “rut_apoderado” and “rut_alumna”. However, the label name is the same for both … this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is.

As you can see, the text field with ID “rut_alumna” does not appear in the data table after submitting the form. But if I change its label name, then after sending another form it now appears.

Case: I want to obtain the age of 2 different people, person A and person B. In both cases the label will be “Age”, but the ID’s should be different to be able to distinguish one from the other.

I also propose that the data table show not only the label name, but also its ID, I think this is fundamental:

Fixed locally and will be added in the next version. Also, the display of the field ID has been implemented. Thanks for this good idea :slight_smile:

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You are amazingly fast, Thank Daniele!

Now there is only 1 bug left that I reported last week jaja (ticket). Let me know how I can help you to reproduce the issue in the create submission action of multistep-nestable pro forms

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Will reply to your ticket in about 15 min :slight_smile: