Pro Forms Bug with required text field, if multiple text fields added

Is it bug or am i doing something wrong?

I have multi step form, and when i add multiple text fields, all of them as required.
When filling form, only first one is saying that its required and wont let user to go on next page.
Another three let user go to next page. User cant send form, but either cant see warnings on last page.

All these are mark same way as required:

One field is made before last BF update, others after.

Any idea?

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That’s the expected browser behavior to show you the required alert only for the first field in the row. After validating this field, the next will show up.

If you want to control validation yourself and show all invalid fields instead, use the “Validation” group and create your own validation rules :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Actually if i fill first field on that row, behavior is same.
For my opinion it should work way that you cant get no next step on multipage form, if something is missing.
I also validation group, with no luck.

And if i remove that field and make it as new, with same setting, it’s not more working as it should.

Hmm…are you using the new nestable approach? Normally, after clicking to next step, a validation process should check if all fields for the current step are valid. If thats not the case, please send me access as DM. Will take a look :slight_smile:

Yes, nestable. I send PM to you.

There indeed was a bug causing this issue. Fixed on your site – hotfix is coming asap :slight_smile:

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