Pro Forms in query loops

BricksForge version:
Bricks version: 1.7

The actions “Create New Post” and “Update Post Meta” does not seem to work in a query loop. Maybe other actions as well but I have not tested them.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a structure like this:

  2. Try submitting the form, which will create a new post. It should work as expected.

  3. Now put the Pro Form inside the query loop Block instead.

  4. Try submitting a form now.

Expected behaviour
The form is cleared, the success message is displayed and a new post is created.

Actual behaviour
The form is cleared and the success message is displayed but no post is created.

This example might not be the most relevant (because the form does the same thing on each block in the query loop) but it highlights the issue. A more relevant use for having Pro Forms inside a query loop would be when using the “Update Post Meta” action but I haven’t got it to work neither inside or outside a query loop yet, but unsure if it’s related to this issue or not.

Hi Robin! :slight_smile: Yes, this is a known limitation and it’s already fixed locally. The Query Loop compatibility, especially regarding Post ID’s, will be a part of the next version :+1:


Hi @Daniele! Alright, thanks for the answer! I tried looking around if anyone else had noticed it but couldn’t find anything so was unsure if it was known or not. Great to hear that you are on it and will be part of the next release! :slight_smile:

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