Pro Forms layout breaks on front end

Using V1.0

The layout of a Pro Form breaks on the front end.

Create a page.
Add a pro form - no need to change anything at all.

Editor view looks good with fields all stacked vertically.
View in preview - still looks good.
View in front end - layout now breaks and form has all fields in a single row.


Cannot reproduce it following your steps. Could you try to clear your browser cache?


Cleared the cache on the live site. It has Litespeed. Also cleared the Browser - Firefox. No change.

The screenshots come from a Local test site - fresh install. No caching or optimization. Again cleared browser cache. No change.

I have found one way to fix it. Add a new section to the test page. Add the Bricks Form element to it. No other changes at all.

Now both the Pro Form and the Bricks Form display correctly on the front end.
Remove the Bricks Form section to leave just the Pro Form and it breaks again.

Bit stumped really. I can try and create a new blank front end site to test on. So I can share access.


If you notice that also in your staging site, please send me access. Tried different things to reproduce it. But I can’t :slight_smile:

Still confused.

I created a new site … and it works ok.
Added in all the plugins, as suspected a conflict, but all still works.

So migrated my local site to this new public site and now it doesn’t work!

I’m at a loss to see what is different. Tried deactivating/activating plugins etc.

I’ve created you a login and would be really grateful if you could take a quick look to see what I’ve done wrong. As I’d really like to get my existing site to work. ( See message )

Many thanks

Thanks for access. Figured it out. The problem only occurs if “External Files” is selected as CSS Loading method. If so, for some reason some form styles are not loading correctly. Will upload a hotfixed version until thursday :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for that!

Yes I normally set Bricks to use External … but I didn’t on the quick test site.
I’ve changed my live site to “inline styles” and it now works perfectly.

Really really happy now! Thanks again.

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