[Pro Forms] More field variable options {{field_id:label}}

I’m making an extremely complicated order form for a company that prints comic books and using the Add to Cart function. On the for the customer has options like 4 different sized of book, page count, color or b&w ink, 5 different paper stock for the cover, another 5 paper stock for the inside, etc…

Each of these various options modifies the price differently. For example, I’m using a drop-down to select the type of paper. The name of the paper is in the label field, and the price adjustment is in the value field. As far as I can tell there is no option to use the label field in the field variable tag. Right now when checkout is complete, the order will say something like:

Cover Paper: 6
Interior Paper: 0.50

This works for the calculations in the checkout process, but will be completely useless to the people in the shop who actually have to grad the right kind of paper. If we could do {{field_id:label}} and other options like with Bricks dynamic data, that would be very helpful.

Wait, I just saw in the Changelog that this featured was released a few weeks ago, so am I just doing it wrong? It’s not in the documentation.

Its only for checkboxes and radios currently, but we’ll extend it to all other types as well :slight_smile: