Pro Forms: Set a default checked value for a radio group

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I’m still awaiting a response for my previous questions but here’s my latest question.

How do I set a default value for a radio group? There doesn’t seem to be any option on the radio wrapper to set a default checked value.

Hey :slight_smile: in The “Radio Wrapper”, you need to use the “Value” field. There, you can enter the value of the radio field you want to initially check. For example, if you have a Radio with Label “Green” and value “green”, enter “green” in the Value control of the Radio Wrapper.

hi @Daniele

Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the screenshot of my radio wrapper. I don’t see any option for Value. Where may I find that option?

Update to 2.0.11. You should now see a “Checked” control for checkbox and radio related fields. This make the process much easier to initially mark a checkbox or a radio field as checked :slight_smile:

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Hi @Daniele

That’s awesome! Thanks for the quick update.

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