ProForm display value saved in form

Hello everybody,
I will raise 3 problems that I think could be bugs in ProForm.

1 - When using the SELECT field to edit a CPT in the form, the ‘Value’ field that displays what is already registered does not work very well with the select, the Value field of the select always brings the first item in the select list. Example: I made a list of states for the user to choose the state, the selection works correctly and is applied to the database correctly, but when the page is updated the value comes as the first item in the select and if the update is applied this field is changed to the first item , as it is already filled out.

2- The same for the media VALUE field, the edit form displays the image that is already registered, unless I am doing something wrong.

3- When using the ‘Ignore if empty’ option, the form does not leave the field empty. Example: If a telephone field is filled in and the user no longer wants the number and deletes the number, when applying everything happens normally, but the form does not leave the telephone field blank, as it recognizes that if it is empty it does nothing, I think it would have to be applied when it comes empty because like this it is not possible to clear the field.

Thank you all for your attention and success.