ProForms: date format ignored on form submission

Hi together,

again not sure how to categorize this (possibly a bug).

When using Datepicker on standard ProForms (non-nestable). I chose my custom Date format:
CleanShot 2023-10-26 at 15.28.14@2x

Then, upon form submission, an email is sent. The custom date format I chose is ignored within the email body and default format is used instead, this is rendered in the email: 2023-10-20 00:00.

Is the date format I set (j. F Y) not supported or is there a bug? BTW I did not set the time picker either, yet in the email it shows the time (00:00).

Thanks in advance!

Thanks! :slight_smile: This already has been fixed in the current dev build :slight_smile:

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