Questions about the forum app (PWA)

Hello everybody,
I would like a little information if possible. Bricksforge is ahead of all plugins, I don’t see myself using bricksbuilder without bricksforge, I keep accessing the website and the forum to check what’s new, and with this, accessing the forum with my cell phone I realized that it was possible to install it as an app and I ended up installing it, So I thought it’s probably a PWA. So my question. If it is a pwa using bricksforge? Which plugin was used to generate the forum wordpress PWA? I would like to know, because the importance of a pwa today is practically necessary. I placed a request on the website for a PWA on bricksforge, but as almost no one is interested in this function, it probably won’t be available on bricksforge.
I would really like to know the plugin used to generate the PWA.

Success to all.

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I definitely agree that PWA functionality is sweet, especially for e-commerce sites. Never created one using WP though, just know there’s tons of plugins for it out there. If you try any with success please share :slight_smile:

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