Separate email to admin?

I’m using the email designer, and have set it to work on a specific form.
The form actions are “Email” (the site admin) and “Confirmation email” (the visitor/submitter)

Both recipients (the admin and submitter) get the same email, and I can’t see anywhere to conditionally display different output. Twig docs don’t seem to specify recipient email, and I can’t see anything specific in BF docs either.

I’m sure I’m being stupid. Can anyone help?


The reason for this is that Bricks does not currently provide a way to distinguish whether it is a normal or a confirmation email. The wp_mail function is used in the same way. To distinguish between the two, I’m thinking of replacing the current confirmation email with one of my own.

The right way here would be to use the widget “Email”. This dynamically outputs the content generated by Bricks. Around it you can design the email according to your wishes. If you need completely different designs, there is no clean way that I can think of at the moment. I definitely have this in mind! :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know! Really good to hear you’re looking into a custom confirmation email.

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Maybe I didn`t understand correctly, but I have no problem in using these different email. No condition used, just different content and field with {{field_id}}.

Hey Liviu, I was trying to set a completely different email for each action “email” and “Confirmation Email”. One goes to the site admin, and the other goes to the visitor, but both inherit the same template.

I don’t need all the imagery/designs/copy for the admin, and it distracts from the main content. For example, in many of my designs, there is a large, branded “welcome to ____” banner at the top of the email. If I use any of the email designer elements to output headings or anything like that, then this also comes up for admins, when they should really just have a very simple table, with all the filled fields.

Just included :slight_smile:

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I really needed this, but had prepared myself to come back and complete this part of a job for a client much later, once it was released.

You’ve just made my month :slight_smile: thanks!

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