SOLVED! Scroll Video? No documentation

As it isnt very obviously how to use this new feature. I went to the documentation and also searched this forum.

No info to be found ??

As I said, a complete documentation will be available when Bricksforge is no longer in development status (> 1.0). Until then, when I release new versions, I always create videos explaining how they works. So you will be able to use the scroll video element without any problems. This is not too difficult.

Check this:

Sorry I have seemed to have missed that.
All is good :slight_smile:

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So used to use the timeline and it had slipped my mind that it might be a widget element. :slight_smile:
Still unable to make it work though, as it doesnt show the video backend/frontend.

What have I missed?

Try to adjust the z-index value. Maybe the video is overlaid by something else :slight_smile:

Stupid me.
Its a test site where I test different plugins ex ex.
I had just before trying out the scroll video feature enabled a cache plugin, which I had forgot everything about. :slight_smile:

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