Thin white line appears when scrolling

Hey @Daniele :slight_smile:

There is a thin white line at the bottom of the viewport while scrolling through the hero section of this page: (Which we animated with Bricksforge)

The line appears on chrome, on safari the line flickers. Do you have an idea what’s causing this?

I’d appreciate your help and kind regards!

Hey @Gaelle :slight_smile:

I noticed this top property in your section inside the pin spacer:

Setting the value to 0 removes this white line.

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Hey @Daniele ,

you’re Sherlock to have found this! :clap: But I’ve checked in our page and in this pinned section (and elsewhere in this animation) there’s no value set at the top property. It seems to magically appear. So: I assume we have to live with it. Fortunately it’s hardly to see.

Thanks again for your help! That’s also why we love Bricksforge! :heart:
Heiko (and Gaelle) from Sonder Studio


Thanks very much :slight_smile:

What if you just input 0!important there? I think this should remove your white line and overwrite the GSAP default.

If that not works from the control, use the CSS area and write:

root {
  top: 0!important;

This definitely should overwrite the gsap value and remove the white line :slight_smile: