Two challenges for a course site build (Checkbox and render lessons)

Hey bright minds,

I have had too many days struggling with this and too much coffee. So I‘m asking for some help. To more clearly explain the setup and challenge, here‘s a short video to show you:

I got damn tired of all these course plugins. I have just launched my new course website, with a plugin that is full of bugs and holes.

I‘m sure this setup for a clean and well function course website will be possible with Bricks, ACF, and Bricksforge.

Let me know what you think :pray:t2:


Definitely always have a caffeine overload so hopefully I can figure it out :wink:
Any chance you can provide logins via PM? Just would be easier to work directly on the site instead of rebuilding your whole structure. Planning on re-building a course site purely with Bricks and Bricksforge as well so I’m happy to help in exchange for stealing parts of your setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Manc,

I‘m building this on LocalWP and running a bunch of licensed plugins. I will have a look later if I could export all ACF setup and Bricks template files. I guess those should contain all setup including Bricksforge elements. Its done with AutomaticCSS, so preferably, you would have that too installed.