What would be the best way to implement a "My account" page

Hi there,
I love Bricks and Bricksforge, now I want to go a step further, what would be the best way to create a “my account” page where people can see their information but also have an “edit” button to redirect to a edit profile page that is pre-populated with their user profile meta. (I’m using Meta Box).

Let me know as I have no idea on how to go about this or if this is even possible.

Bricks will be coming out with a phase 3 before 30.06

Hi thanks for your reply,
What will be in this phase?

What features will it bring that I can use for this?

any update, how did you attack this need?


You can build any page, and use the WP user values since they return logged in user values. That way they can never show logged out user values. Just to be sure I have hidden the page from logged out users and added a notification that they should log in.

No still waiting on bricks for this. They dont love woocommerce