When I apply a "Scroll" animation to a block it misaligns slightly in frontend


I create a timeline animation where the trigger is “ScrollTrigger” and method is “From To” From: Translate 0 x axis and To: Translate -80px x axis. This is apply to a block with text

All works ok, but inicially (before scrolling) in the frontend the block is slightly shifted to the left which causes it to initially not be aligned with the rest of the content on the page (in the backend in the builder is perfectly aligned) , i inspecting the code and is because bricksforge create this css dynamically

transform: translate3d(-19.1971px, 0px, 0px);

but…initially it shouldn’t be

transform: translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px); //Initial position

How i solve that?

Hey, I had the same kind of issue : applying a gsap TO with {translateX:“-=100vw”} it was moving 104.xx vw I had no other way to use a javascript action with gsap.to(“myElement”,{translateX:“-=100vw”},0.3); and the movement was correct. I think there is wrong calculation of position with some elements with bricksforge.