A/B Split Testing... get genuine user insights about what works, and what doesn't

Designers love to chuck in a few animations. A little bit of sparkle to show how slick we are.

Do your users love them though? How do you know?

Much is said about SEO, accessibility and site optimisation. Rightfully so! They are important. But the most important thing on your website is the visitor for whom the site was created.

Using GF forms we could simply ask them what they think about our site. They’re unlikely to participate though, at least not in significant numbers.

An A/B split test tool would help to clarify these things very succinctly.

  • 23% of people loved feature X. The rest, not so much.
  • Decision made, client happy.
  • Money in the bank :wink:

Divi had something like this, yeas ago, and it worked pretty well!

It’s a massively overlooked part of the process. In UX research it’s commonly referred to as co-design: getting the users involved. Analytics does this to some extent, but it’s very broad. A good tool to compare design options would also make it super easy to eliminate those terrible client design suggestions.