A possible GSAP Timeline bug..?

I’m creating a mobile menu and when I choose “GSAP Timeline” (Action) → “Reverse” (Animation Action) it doesn’t do anything.

However, when I try a different “Animation Action” such as “Restart” it works on the selected icon.

Hey :slight_smile: “Reverse” will only work if the progress of the timeline is 1. If a timeline has not started yet, “Reverse” will not work.

By the way, when creating a mobile menu, you could run the timeline without using the “Events” panel. You could just choose the “Click” trigger under the “Timelines” tab for your timeline. This will things easier :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply!

I was following this tutorial:

Is this still valid from the statement earlier? Sorry I’m still trying to learn BF.

In the meanwhile, there are easier ways to create this animation :slight_smile: Just changing the “Timeline Trigger” to “Click”. Doing this, Bricksforge does automatically the reverse animation stuff for you, just by switching on the desired functionalities, for example “Secondary Click” to reverse the animation clicking the same button :slight_smile:

Ohh I see what you mean. I think I’m good now. Sorry for the misunderstanding on my end & thank you so much!

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