A Proposal for Simplified Templates

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!

I recently watched Paul’s video featuring Bricksforge, and I must say, his decision to showcase it was spot on. However, he pointed out something crucial – the learning curve can be quite steep for new users. In light of this, I have an idea that might ease the process for everyone.

Imagine having a selection of simple templates for each section of Bricksforge. These wouldn’t replace the current UI, but rather complement it. By selecting a template, users would get a pre-populated interface or even some pre-placed elements on the stage. This would serve as a helpful starting point for either tweaking features or using them as is.

Here are some specific ideas:

  • Pro Forms: We could offer one-click templates for common forms, and even an auto-form feature based on ACF-Fieldgroup.
  • GSAP: How about easy, one-click animations? Think basic but essential effects like Fade In or Slide In.
  • Actions: For functionality, we could include common actions like a menu sliding up on scroll, or a fullscreen menu option.

By implementing these, I believe we can make Bricksforge more accessible to beginners, while still retaining its powerful customization options for the pros.

Wishing you all fantastic holidays and a happy new year!


Love this idea :100: