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  1. BricksForge settings in Bricks editor

I would like, if possible, to access the BricksForge options page directly from the Bricks editor.
For example, if it is possible to have an icon on the left or right side inside the editor:

I would love to be able to quickly enable/disable functionality without leaving the Bricks editor.

  1. Optimized for speed

Do not render anything in the frontend if there are no active settings.
In general, try to be guided when adding new functionalities that everything can be deactivated so that the code is optimized for page loading speed.

In general, I didn’t have time to test everything, but you have made a very good plugin with interesting functionalities.
Thank you.

Could you please add a new feature.
I remember Brickforge overtook Bricks to add MegaMenu first.
I would love it if, thanks to Bricksforge, you could create Bottom Navigation Menus, such as:


I am waiting for your opinion on this.