Add ability to change form fields ID

First of all, I do understand that inability to change form fields ID comes from Bricks Builder itself.

At the same time, the only need for changing said ID comes from me using Bricks Forge’s calculations.

Currently when using calculations it’s really hard to say, from the first look of the formula which fields does it use and where exactly. Thus enabling the ID change to something readable like “tickets_num” would be very helpful.

I hope that this can be implemented especially because you’ve created a separate element of Pro Forms.


Thanks for your suggestion! I am already in the process of making this possible for you guys. Will probably come in 9.0.9 :wink:


Hi Daniele
Is there any news about this feature? For custom actions its so useful :pray:

In the current way of creating forms, this will not be possible. There are some Bricks limitations I don’t want to create hacky workarounds. But when Nestable Pro Forms will be released, for each field you can set a custom Field ID :slight_smile: So yes, this feature will be addd at this point.