Add Conditional Logic to Calculation Field - Pro Forms Calculation Field

Hello, I’ve run into an unexpected problem where a Calculation field is still being effected by a second Calculation field that is hidden by a condition. As the condition essentially disables the second Calculation field from the form, the first Calculation should be treating that field value as a 0.

For example:

Calculation-2: 10 + {some-field}
Calculation-1: {Calculation-2} * {another-field}

If Calculation-2 is hidden by a condition, shouldn’t that mean it’s value is treated as 0 to Calculation-1, no matter what value Calculation-2 actually has stored?

I’m trying to create an estimate form that includes various different pricing into the calculation depending on what the user selects. So say a user selects they want X number of pages created, the form will provide the cost for that. Then if they say they also want an e-commerce store, the option to select how many products they want on their store will appear (via conditions), and the final calculation will include that in the calculation too. The problem in this case is that the cost of the e-commerce store is showing up in the final calculation whether the e-commerce fields are hidden by conditions or not.

You can see an example of what I have so far here: Form Test - GrowPlugins, LLC