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I have simple question - is there possibility to create (show) new fileds on condition.
Example: if someone on accomodation reservation select they have 3 children for example, I need 3 new fields where they can enter their years, if they have 5 children then need 5 fields for years etc. (just like on screenshot)


Was curious and just tried, works like a charm :slight_smile:

Let’s say you have a select field setup like so (value|label):

Now create a bunch of age fields like so and just increase the value in the condition (and of course add your field ID).

for 1 Child:

for 2 Children:

and so on… Not the prettiest way to have 10 Age Fields or whatever but easy and simple to set up unless you gotta account for people like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with I believe 30ish kids haha

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Thank you very much!! It works! :smile:

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